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Written by John van Spaandonk   
Thursday, 03 February 2005
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Ring with Zirkonia
Starting with the collet
The collet's underside
Finishing the collet
Completing the shank
Finishing and Discussion
ring with zirkoniaThis project shows how I made a silver ring containing a Zirkonia (artificial diamond) with a diameter of 7 mm. This is the first ring of this type that I ever made. This is in line with my self appointed task of trying to create as many different settings as possible.

This ring's origin...

I started by reading books about rings. In particular I used "The rings book" by Jinks McGrath. I think that she shows nicely how to create a ring step by step (but the finish of the rings in the book could be better...). I tried following the steps she described to see how her technique would turn out. 

The first step is to make the shank. I started with a square  strip of silver with a diameter of 3.5mm. Because i did not have such a strip handy I actually used bits and pieces of sterling silver to cast a silver spike with a diameter of about 6 mm. This I made into a square strip using a rolling mill. An awful lot of work for a simple piece of silver wire but heh, it's a hobby!

The fun part is where I hammered the middle of the strip to flatten it (to thin the part of the ring that would be on the underside of your finger).

After hammering I  filed the flattened part to have rounded corners at the bottom. This is clearly visible in the photo  of the shank, shown just below.)

I then hammered the strip to an approximately round shape and soldered the ends together. Once I had a closed ring I was able to softly hammer it on my steel mandrel (using a nylon head hammer).

After this I sawed open again the shank (on the soldered seam!), as a preparatory step to  creating the open shank in the next step.  Here is the resulting shank in its rough form.


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