The cello
Written by Antoinette van Spaandonk   
Sunday, 06 February 2005
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The cello
Different cello's

The beginning

My chelloIn the summer of 2001 I went to a concert of the Cello Octet Conjuncto Iberico. They played 'Fratres' of Arvo Part on 8 cello's. It was fabulous. I wanted to make a musical sound like that too. So in October of 2001 I bought my cello. On the age of 31 I started a new adventure.

My cello is a Musima from 1998, copy of a Stradivarius. The cello was built in Markneukirchen (Germany). It has red-brown varnish. It came with Jargar strings with I used for about three years. Now I have changed them to Velvet strings. I use a Karl Hoffner bow (Brasil wood).

How do you decide on a cello? I didn't have much to go on because I couldn't play myself. So I went to different luthiers and let them play on the cello's. Eventually I bought my cello at Schreeven in Nijmegen. They have a rather big collection of affordable cello's and I just listened to the sound (and also looked which cello seemed to most beautiful to me) and choose the one that sounded the best (it can be that easy).

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