The cello
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Sunday, 06 February 2005
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The cello
Different cello's

Different cello's

There are a lot of different cello's around.

The cheapest cello's are made of plywood. Because of this material they often do not sound too good.
For a good sound it is vital that the top is made of massive wood, like spruce. The back is often made of maple.
Nowadays cello's are made of different materials to: there are carbon fiber cellos and you can also play an electric cello.

The quality of wooden cello's varies. The reason for this is first of all the materials that are used but also the way a cello is build influences the sound. A cello can be build in a 'factory' or can be totally handmade. Sometimes they are even a combination of the two!
A cello which is totally handmade is built by a luthier. It takes between 400 to 700 hours to built a cello. You can imagine why cello's are so expensive.

Cello's are often put in categories like: student cellos, intermediate cello's, advanced cello's and professional cello's. The selection is often based on: projection, sound, luthier and stability.

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