The cello
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Sunday, 06 February 2005
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The cello
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Cello maintenance

Maintenance is very important for your cello. Here are some tips:

  • clean the strings and surface of your cello with a soft cloth after playing
  • make sure your cello isn't placed in direct sunlight (if effects the varnish)
  • make sure the place you keep your cello (can be a room or a cello case) has a humidity between 40 - 60 %
  • put your cello in a safe place so it cannot be knocked over by people passing it (if a cello falls the bridge can slide and the pole inside your cello can move. If the latter happens you probably will have to go to the luthier to repair it).
Humidity plays an important part in preventing your cello from cracking (the cracks can appear in the top but also the sides can open up). Keeping the room humid enough can be achieved by using a humidifier (basically a water filled basin which pours humid air into your room). If your cello is in its case you can use a Dampit or cello humidifier (it is a rubber band which you can wet and but in a f-hole of the cello).

Too humid is not okay too. You then have to use a dehumidifier.

Bow maintenance

Your bow needs maintenance too. This means that you have to

  • loosen the strings after playing
  • wipe rosin from the bow stick so it will not effect the wood (you can use a soft cloth for that)
  • make sure there is not too much rosin on the bow hair because it can clutter up

Contacting a luthier

Is is advisable to contact a luthier now and then to check the state your cello is in. Today I went to a luthier because my bridge almost went down last week. I restored it but was somewhat worried.
Not without reason it seemed: my bridge has moved, the soundpost is not positioned correctly and the top of my cello had loosened and has to be fixed.
I'm really glad my luthier ( is taken care of my cello. It was really strange to leave my cello in his care and not being able to play for the next couple of days but I'm glad a lot of problems are being fixed.
I will have my cello checked every year from now.


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