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Sunday, 06 February 2005
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Hurdles in music making

One of the hurdles is the fact that a lot of cellist are comparing their progress to that of others. Why? I do not know. It only makes you insecure if you are not on the same level as the cellist you are comparing yourself to. And does it matter? I don't think soo. The joy in celloplaying comes from making music and on what level I'm performing is not that important. As long as I'm still making progress I think it is oke.

Another hurdle for me is my insecurity about music making. Throughout my life people told my I didn't have any musical talent (when I was taking lessons in ballet, ballroom dancing and singing in the school choir). So I was really nervous about playing a musical instrument (especially a difficult one as the cello). But because I like the sound so much I wanted to try anyway. In the three years that I'm playing I have learned a lot of tricks so I can play in tune (listening to the others you are playing with, counting notes while playing etc.). So you can overcome a lot of problems if you want to but sometimes it is really hard.

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