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Sunday, 06 February 2005

ImageThis page contains some nice books about celloplaying.  There are a lot of books about celloplaying and making music in general but these are some of my favourites.

The Cellist by Gregor Piatigorsky

The life-story of Piatigorsky as told by himself and all the adventures he went through with his cello

The Cambridge Guide to the Cello by Robin Stowell

A good overview of the history and development of the cello

Play naturally by Vivian Mackie

An account of her learning time with Pablo Casals

Never too late by John Holt

A nice book about the love of a cellist for his instrument, written by someone who started playing the cello on a late age

The cello tipbook by Hugo Pinksterboer

A great book for beginners with all kind of practical stuff (like choosing a cello, strings, rosin and maintance tips)

The inner game of music by Barry Green

A book about the hurdles you have to overcome inside yourself when playing music

The mastery of music by Barry Green

A book about what makes some musicians great and how you can improve your mastery of music

The cello of mr. O by Jane Cutler

A childern's book based on the story of the cellist of Sarajevo and the hope music can bring in a city in war

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