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Sunday, 06 February 2005


Cello links

An internet forum for cellists

An internet society for cellists with lots of tips, links and forums to chat on

A dutch page with all kind of links concerning cellos

A festival in the Netherlands for cellists which is held every two years

My luthier in Beek en Donk (the Netherlands). He repaired my cello

A luthier in Groningen (the Netherlands). He has an internet store and gives great service when you order cellostuff from him

A store in America especially for cellists. They also sell on the internet and the service is really great! Thanks Ellen!

An interesting site of a Dutch cellist with lots of links

The site of the Cello Octet Conjuncto Iberico, 8 cellists who play absolutely beautifully

A Finnish hardrock band who play on cellos

The 12 cellists of the Berliner Philharmoniker also play on their own. They are great!

Classical music links

The site of the record label which features my favourite cellist: Mischa Maisky

Contains lots of classical news

The internet version of the magazine

The internet version of the magazine
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