Silver gothic ring
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Written by John van Spaandonk   
Thursday, 10 February 2005
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Silver gothic ring
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Image This I call my silver gothic ring. It is in fact the first ring that I made once I started using silver two years ago. It is not my own design, I copied the design from the book "Jewelry" by Madeline Coles. I adapted it, my ring has one more segment because I thought that looked nicer because of its size.
For now I just uploaded a few photographs. Perhaps I'll add a description of how I made it later. This can be a bit boring since I do not have any photo's of the process.
In my experience, people either fall in love with it or completely dislike it. What do you think?

The looks...

Like all my silver jewelry, this ring is made of sterling silver (92.5 % pure silver).
Tonight I polished the ring to make a couple of photographs.

First a view from the top:


This shows that I did not polish the inside, I just sanded it to remove any sharp edges. It does not matter when wearing it but detracts a bit from the view in the photograph.

And a view from the front (click on the picture for an even larger picture):

This view I really like. In Dutch we call this a frog's perspective. My camera was about 7 cm in front of the ring when I took the photo.

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