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Written by Antoinette van Spaandonk   
Friday, 11 February 2005
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Wonderful books
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antoinetteHere you find a selection of my favourite books by category. You can also find some recommendations and the books I'm reading at the moment.  I hope you enjoy yourself and maybe find some suggestions for future reading. Have fun!

Science fiction

Illium by Dan Simmons

The story of the Illiad (the battle of Troy) is transported to Mars where 'gods' play the whole war over and clone historians to check if the war is going according to the famous story. In the meanwhile all the activity on Mars draws the attention of another race. On earth a lot of things happen too: people can transport themselves from one place to another but have a short lifespan. Why? Find out by reading this book. It is full of great ideas. It is part of a two volume series: Olympos is released in July 2005.


Jonathan Strange and mr. Norrell by Susanna Clarke

In England magic has gotten extinct. It is a novel about two magicians in England during the war against Napoleon. Mr. Norrell is a man who is fond of conventions while Jonathan Strange is attracted to the wild side of magic. He comes heavily interested in the Raven King and his pursuit of long-forgotten magic is threatening all that is dear to him. The book reminds me of the old English novels. The footnotes make the story much more interestering because they provide a kind of historical background. It is a really lovely book that transports you to earlier times.

The lord of the rings by Tolkien

The classic of fantasy! It is the overly famous story about the fellowship of the ring which sets of to destroy the one ring and meets the seductiveness of power. A beautiful world is created by Tolkien which is completed in the Silmarillion, the Hobbit and other books. The story is great in al its details. What can you say about this book? JUST READ IT.

Blood and gold by Anne Rice

One of the books of the Vampire Chronicles. It is the story of Marius, one of the ancient ones. The character of Marius speaks to the imagination and the way the different time areas are described in the book is really great. It is a very lush novel which captures the mind.

Stardust by Neil Gaiman

An absolutely lovely story about a young man who wanders behind the wall he isn't suppose to pass. He is drawn into a land of magic (which shows remarkable resemblance with some very know fairy tales, but somewhat different). It is very witty and imaginativeand well worth reading.

The Song of ice and fire-series by George R.R. Martin

A great fantasy series which is set in a feudal kingdom (which reminds me of mediaval England) and which is centered about the rivalry between different families who all want to sit on the iron throne, which rules the seven kingdoms. The books contain a world filled with many cultures and half-legendary lands and an ancient history. Once there were dragons but magic is now dwindling. It is time to play the game of thrones.This is a must-read for all fantasy-fans. The fantasy-elements play a subdued part which makes the series very real and believable.

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