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Sunday, 06 March 2005
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Well, as you might have guessed: my name is Antoinette. I was born in 1970 and will be celebrating my next birthday on the 6th of June.

My parents are Herman and Marij. My father likes to play the guitar (blues) and likes to play with computers. My mother likes to walk and go to the theatre. They both make a lot of day trips and visit all kind of places in the Netherlands.

I have one sister: Marlies. She is married to Jan and has two daughters: Laura and Maaike. She is a full time mother (which, I think, is quite a job). Jan is a carpenter and a very good one, too. My nieces are quite young but very nice to be around.

ImageMy hobbies are: playing cello, reading books (especially fantasy and historical novels), writing poetry, listening to music and watching movies. I play tennis and sometimes a little volleyball.

I studied law at Tilburg University and Sheffield University and work as a local compliance officer at an insurance company. I work four days a week and I think that is marvelous. So I can have more time for all my hobbies and friends.

My motto for life is: Life is like a canvas and you have to splash all the colour on it you can!
It is sometimes hard to live up to it because of all the daily little stress events which tend to take over but I always try to keep it in mind and live by it.

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