Written by Antoinette van Spaandonk   
Sunday, 06 March 2005
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Stardust lies in all of us
bound together
invisible threads
from the beginning

energy runs trough me
the universe never loses it
preserved forever
inside me

and when the light fades
the energy stays
in big bubbles
it floats away
back to the universe

forever me

The edge

The dampness chills my flesh
the diamond beams of sunlight cannot penetrate it
so I stay cold
and with the cold comes a feeling of loneliness

the thick mist blurrs my vision,
it's like I'm alone in this world
my heart keeps on living
while my mind is effected by the penetrating dampness

everything becomes unclear, logic fades away
raw emotions keep on attacking me
loneliness, longing, love, sorrow
it's too much to bear: my mouth opens in a silent scream

I'm floating through time and space
the world isn't existing anymore
memories reign in this darkness
and call me to the stand

they accuse me and shout at me
they convict me for my lack of deeds
even for my emotions
with tears running down my cheeks
I sink to the ground

and then a terrible fear get hold of my heart
and mind
a fear for the coming darkness, in which I will cease to exist
a fear that everything has been for nothing
NOTHING, can you imagine that?

my existence seems so useless now
my soul will fade away in time
it will be destroyed by forces unknown
will there be an emptyness
or are we vain enough to believe in a heaven?
does it matter anyway?

a silence grows inside my head
and the endless fear slips away
a slight sid of logic and pure feelings
like blossoming flowers
I'v been to the edge and have returned
but how often do I still have to go?

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