Written by Antoinette van Spaandonk   
Sunday, 06 March 2005
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No title

Sunlight warms my face
behind the glass I look into the garden
happiness hides itself
in small moments

Enchanted lake

Isles rise from the water
looming back against the sky
like a dark fairy tale
from ancient times

mountains covered by snow
surround misty waters
rays of light are reflected
the lady of the lake arises

she symbolises the bond with nature
as old as the world
vanishing slowly in modern times
to be recaptured in a single moment

Lazy afternoon

Floating away
on the wings of daydreams
all curled upEnchanted lake
in the warmth of my soul

finally finding
myself again
buried for so long
under responsibilities

letting go
even if it is for just one moment
dreaming about
endless possiblities

lying on a big couch
comforted by huge pillows
warmed by the sun
just being me

The journey

There he was
feathers all brownish
majestically sitting beside the road

and during my journey
I was accompanied by birds
just sitting
watching as I went along

and while reaching my goal
a final bird of prey
all brown this time
bid me farewell beside the road

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