Written by Antoinette van Spaandonk   
Sunday, 06 March 2005
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It seems always to be in the past
never to be reached in the present
worries rule
life's magnitude

in retrospect worries fade away
and good moments seem to last
friends and situations
seem to become

a blurr of happiness


the silence grows stronger
life seems to stop for a moment
darkness settles in

a strange quiet feeling appears
rays of sunlight no longer exist
an eery glow, coldness

clouds cover the sun
a pink light arrives
sunlight makes the sky glow

mighty planets move
time seems of no importance
how small I feel


Too much gets torn loose from my soul
sometimes a hurricane comes to life
and I forget
who I am

Multiple people arise
multiple voices scream for attention
where am I
in this madhouse of emotions

But when the storm dies
my self surfaces again
piece by piece a whole
I'm growing

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