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Web Links Here are some links to sites related to the design and creation of juwelery.
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A great resource on all aspects of juwelry creation. Includes many tips and howto's, even some video trainings.
     Enamel journal
Antoinette got interested in enamaling last year so I browsed the web and found this website for her. It contains editions of the Enamel Online Newsletter. Has some nice articles about ... enameling.
     Lapidary journal
A nice website that has many hands-on articles. You have to pay to see some of the more advanced articles, but still a nice resource
     The mysterious Etruscans
I really, really, really like the Etruscan style of jewelry. So I browsed and got interested in the life of the Etruscans as well. Lots of info here.
Supports German and English language. Contains some interesting designs. Might help you with ideas if you run out of inspiration, as I often do...
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